I’m Yao and I am a computer science guy.

I started programming in college, not like most computer geniuses, but I found I was not bad at it.

I landed my first job as a Java developer. I think Java is like 楷书 (Chinese Regular Script), with its strict adherence to those structural rules. It’s not flexible but I don’t dislike it for that.

Later I jumped on the bandwagon of ML/AI because I believed those techniques would change the world, and natually Python became my second workhorse language. After I gained my PhD degree in Bioinformatics, I joined Scripps Research and worked on some fun projects like BioThings API, MyVariant.info, MyChem.info, etc.

I like Math in general but Statistics is really a pain to me. I just cannot get “compatible” with it, and that’s why the foundamental ML/AI theories gradually go beyond my understanding. Now I am more interested in compiling techniques. I guess my next workhorse language would be C++ (or OCaml, although less likely), and I hope I can retire as a compiler developer.

Best wishes!