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整理自 Thinking in C++

These are keywords for bitwise and logical operators. Non-U.S. programmers without keyboard characters like &, |, ^, and so on, were forced to use C’s horrible trigraphs (比如 ??- 表示 ~;无法想象当时的形势是如何的恶劣以至会设计成这样……), which were not only annoying to type, but obscure when reading. This is repaired in C++ with additional keywords:

Keyword Meaning
and && (logical AND)
or || (logical OR)
not ! (logical NOT)
not_eq != (logical not-equivalent)
bitand & (bitwise AND)
and_eq &= (bitwise AND-assignment)
bitor | (bitwise OR)
or_eq |= (bitwise OR-assignment)
xor ^ (bitwise XOR, exclusive OR)
xor_eq ^= (bitwise XOR-assignment)
compl ~ (ones complement)


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
	bool a = true, b = false;
	cout << (a and b); // output: 0
	// 注意结合律,下式实际是 (cout << a) and b;
	// 然后 cout 的 && 操作符应该是重载了 
	// cout << a and b; // output: 1